Upscale Consignment Shop


What types of items does Fashion Attitudes accept on consignment?

Fashion Attitudes Consignments previews each item and selects the highest quality pre-owned women’s and juniors clothing & accessories specializing in contemporary (current styles sold within the past two years) with a limited selection of vintage and designer pieces. We accept women’s and juniors clothing (0-28), accessories including jewelry, shoes, handbags and designer handbags.  Summer items accepted at this time by appointment only. 

Do I need an appointment to bring in my items?

Consignments are accepted on Tuesday (12-6) through Thursday (12-7).   An appointment is necessary for all drop offs.  PLEASE NO DROPOFFS ON SATURDAY'S. Please call 678/217-5982 or email: to set up an appointment.

Items will be checked in and priced,  and a list will be emailed to consignor within 3 business days following drop off.  Any items not accepted must be picked up within 3 days after notification or they will be donated.  Any imperfect items dropped off will be donated without notice (re: holes, stains, missing tags, missing buttons, snags, pilling, smells or unaccepted brands). 


How many items can I drop off and what condition should the items be in?

We accept up to 25 items per month/per drop off, and only one drop off per month.  Clothes can be brought in neatly folded in a tote or basket, or on hangers only if you do not want your hangers back. 

All clothing items must be freshly  laundered or dry-cleaned and free of holes, stains, missing buttons, missing tags, snags, pilling, any defects, severe wrinkles, etc.   Any items that smell of moth balls, basements, pets or smoke will not be accepted, they will be donated without notice.  We have limited space in our store and reserve the right to refuse any items.  We are very selective, accepting clothing that are current styles, name brands and purchased within the last two years. Please do not be offended if we do not accept some of your items. Imperfect merchandise in need of repair or cleaning may be donated without notice to the Consignor.  We do not offer donation receipts.

Are there any items that Fashion Attitudes will not accept?
Besides the items listed above, Fashion Attitudes will not accept the following:

We do not accept any brands from Walmart, Target, KMart, or Sears. Brand names including Faded Glory, Xhiliration, No Boundaries, George, Merona, Mossimo, and Cherokee (Walmart Brands).  We will also not accept children's sizes (juniors ok), bathing suits (unless new with tags), men's clothing, Bridesmaid Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Lingerie, Pajamas, Other Consignment Store Rejects, Yard Sale Rejects, or any very Out of Date Clothing.

How long will Fashion Attitudes keep my items for?

Items are accepted on a 90-day consignment period.  Items will be offered for sale the 1st 30 days at full price, 2nd 30 days less 20% off original price, and 3rd 30 days less 40% off original price.  Fashion Attitudes reserves the right to offer items at sale prices at any time that they run a store sale. At the end of the 90-day consignment period Fashion Attitudes is no longer responsible for your items and they become the property of Fashion Attitudes and may be donated or disposed of to any charity of choice. Fashion Attitudes does not offer donation receipts. Any item valued on drop off in the amount of $25 or more can be returned to the consignor at the end of the 90 day consignment period. Those items must be picked up within 3 days or they will be donated.

How are the items priced?

Fashion Attitudes reserves the right to determine the actual selling price of all items. Every effort will be made to fairly price and profitably consign items based on a number of factors including condition, quality, brand name and market prices for comparable merchandise. Consignor agrees that any item consigned to Fashion Attitudes may be displayed whenever and wherever Fashion Attitudes chooses. Although we cannot guarantee that each item will sell, we will make every effort to correctly price each item and sell each item consigned within the 90 day consignment period. Consignor agrees not to remove any consigned items prior to the end of the 90 day consignment period unless approved by owner first. A $20 fee will be required for any early removals.

What percentage will I receive as a consignor?

Items are sold on a 55/45 basis (55% to Fashion Attitudes, 45% to consignor) on any and all items up to selling price of $99.00. For items selling for $100.00 or more, items will be sold on a 45/55 basis (45% to Fashion Attitudes, 55% to consignor).


How and when will I get paid by Fashion Attitudes?

We offer the option of in store credit (trade) if you would like to shop against your account for an additional 10% off at any time that Fashion Attitudes is open for business. If consignor chooses to be paid out, payouts will be issued after the 15th for the prior whole months sales of consigned items.  We will payout in cash or check when the consignor visits the shop.  It is the consignor’s responsibility to pick up payments, we only mail checks on request, and a $3.00 fee will be deducted from the check total if consignor requests a mailed check.